Apple Planning to Release Thinnest Products in 2025: iPhone 17, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch

Apple is famous for making sleek and stylish gadgets. Now, they are planning to make their devices even slimmer. According to reports, Apple is working on a new iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch that will be the thinnest models yet.

Slimmer iPhone 17 Coming Soon

The iPhone 17 series is expected to launch next year, but details about its design have already been leaked. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple is focused on making the iPhone 17 slimmer than the current models. For reference, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are 7.8mm thick, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are 8.3mm thick. The new iPhone 17 is expected to have an even thinner design.

The New Thinner MacBook Pro

Apple is also planning to slim down the MacBook Pro. The latest MacBook Pro with the M3 chip and a 16-inch screen is 1.68cm thick when closed. The smaller model is 1.56cm thick. However, Gurman reports that Apple wants to make the MacBook Pro even thinner. Recent MacBook Pro models have become thicker due to the return of MagSafe charging, an SD card slot, and more ports. In contrast, the MacBook Air models have remained slim with fewer ports.

Apple Watch to Get Thinner

Gurman also mentioned that Apple is working on a slimmer version of the Apple Watch. TF Securities International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supports this claim. He says the Apple Watch Series 10 will have a thinner design and might feature a bigger screen, up to 49mm. The exact release date for the new Apple Watch is not clear yet.

The success of the Thinner iPad Pro

Last month, Apple launched a redesigned iPad Pro, which is the slimmest tablet they have made so far. This new iPad Pro shows Apple’s commitment to making thinner devices without compromising on performance or battery life. Gurman says this successful launch has inspired Apple to use a similar design strategy for the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch.

Advanced Technology for Slimmer Devices

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will use advanced technology, like thinner motherboards, in its future devices. This will help them achieve a slimmer design without losing any of the device’s functionality. Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and design, and these new slimmer models will continue that tradition.

When to Expect These New Devices?

The slimmer iPhone 17 series is expected to arrive in the second half of 2025. However, there has yet to be a word on the exact launch dates for the new slimmer MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. As we get closer to the expected release dates, more details will likely emerge.

What Does This Mean for Apple Fans?

Apple fans can look forward to owning some of the thinnest and most stylish devices on the market. The new designs will make the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch even more portable and convenient to use. Apple’s focus on making slimmer devices shows its commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of its customers.


While the exact details are not confirmed, recent MacBook Pro models have become thicker due to the inclusion of MagSafe charging, an SD card slot, and more ports. The new slimmer design may result in fewer ports, similar to the MacBook Air models, but more information will be available closer to the release date.

Bottom Up

Apple is working hard to make its devices thinner and more elegant. With the upcoming iPhone 17, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch, users can expect even more sleek and stylish products. These new devices will set new standards for thinness and portability, continuing Apple’s legacy of innovation.