The Best Safety Apps to Securely Hide Your Photos and Videos on iPhone and Android Devices

In an upgraded world it is adequate to maintain your privacy highly. We need some more facilities to hide your Photos and videos. Despite having secret folders with lock screen security in the phone’s gallery, everyone wants to find out and unlock your secrets.

Do you want to keep your photos and videos in a safe hiding app? Numerous apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to secure your images and videos. Features of the best safety app include; Track unsuccessful login attempts and potentially triggering additional security measures, Notify users of any attempted unauthorized access, including capturing a photo of the intruder, and eventually, Providing a camouflage option, such as a fake calculator or utility app, to hide the true nature of the content.

Top 10 Safety apps to Securely Hide your Photos and Videos

  • KeepSafe
  • LockMyPix
  • Private photo vault
  • 1Gallery: Photo Gallery & Vault
  • Calculator Photo Vault
  • Vaulty
  • Hide it Pro
  • Safe Lock Photo Album
  • Secret Photo Vault – SPV
  • Safe Lock – Photo Album Vault

#1 KeepSafe

Allows users to set up a secondary PIN to access a decoy vault, adding an additional layer of privacy. Sends notifications with a photo of anyone who tries to access the app with an incorrect PIN. Option to securely backup your content to the cloud while keeping it private. Keepsafe offers a premium version that removes ads and provides additional features.

#2 LockMyPix

Similar to Keepsafe’s Fake PIN feature, LockMyPix offers a decoy safe where users can store non-sensitive content to divert prying eyes. It employs encryption techniques to secure files, ensuring that even if someone gains access to the files, they are unable to view the actual content without the correct password.

#3 Private photo vault

These apps offer a stealth mode to make the app less visible on your device, enhancing privacy. Specially offer a decoy password, allowing users to set up a secondary password to access a fake vault, adding an extra layer of security. Capture photos of anyone trying to access the app without the correct credentials.

#4 1Gallery: Photo Gallery & Vault

The app serves both as a photo gallery and a vault for securing private images and videos. Enables users to securely back up their private content to the cloud while keeping it encrypted. Some features may be available in a premium version, providing an ad-free experience and additional functionalities.

#5 Calculator Photo Vault

Offers a secure vault where users can store and hide private photos and videos. Similar to other vault apps, some calculator photo vaults may provide a decoy password for an added layer of security. The app often disguises itself as a functional calculator to maintain privacy.

#6 Vaulty

Like other privacy apps, Vaulty often disguises itself with a different icon or appearance on the device for added discretion. Offers a secure vault where users can store and hide private photos and videos. Allows users to make the app less conscious on their device.

#7 Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro typically provides a secure vault for hiding and protecting not only photos but also videos, audio files, and other types of media. Allows users to make the app less conspicuous on their device, hiding it from inquisitive eyes.

#8 Safe Lock Photo Album

The app introduces innovative locking methods, including shaking or flipping the device for quick access. It facilitates easy data management with WiFi transfer and cloud import/export, slideshow, sharing, and anti-theft features providing stealing reports with photos.

#9 Secret Photo Vault – SPV

SVP doesn’t store your photos or data on a server; it keeps the data locally on your smartphone. If you uninstall the app, your data is deleted, so it’s crucial to back up or export before removal. The clean and clear user interface makes creating a secure PIN for hidden albums easy. While the app is free, a premium subscription offers additional benefits.


Bottom Up

Before choosing an app, ensure it’s from a reputable developer, has positive user reviews, and regularly receives updates for security enhancements. The best app uses encryption techniques to safeguard files from unauthorized access.