The Best Bird Watching App for iPhone, Android, and Tablets

Here you don’t need any equipment for bird watching smartphone Bird Watching Apps make it simpler. Just take your camera and click a picture of the Bird; the app will give the required information. Mostly these Apps are customized for beginners as well as experts. Additionally, the app helps you to develop your geographical and biological knowledge.

Bird-watching is considered as a soulful hobby that gives you heartful satisfaction. It can be done c, maybe from your backyard or at any other greenery field. An aesthetic hobby to be cherished and also it increases your good time with nature. Before downloading bird watching apps analyze the best one which suits your needs.

List of Best Bird Watching Apps

  1. Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab
  2. Audubon Bird Guide
  3. Ebird
  4. Roberts’ Bird Guide
  5. iBird Pro Guide to Birds
  6. BirdNET

#1 Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

A user-friendly bird-watching app developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It has one million downloads with a storage capacity of 98 MB. In Google Play Store the app is rated with 4.8 Stars. In a vast database of bird species, users can identify birds by answering a few simple questions or by uploading a photo or audio recordings of their songs.

Designed to cater to bird enthusiasts of all levels, making it an excellent tool for beginners and experienced birders alike. Its intuitive interface, coupled with powerful identification features, enhances the bird-watching experience by providing valuable insights into the avian world.

#2 Audubon Bird Guide

It is a comprehensive tool for bird enthusiasts, developed by the National Audubon Society. With an extensive database of bird species, the app assists users in bird identification through images, sounds, and range maps. Stands with a Google rating of 4.1 and it occupies your storage of 110 MB.

This app also provides bird-friendly tips and news, promoting bird conservation awareness. It offers a personalized bird-watching experience, allowing users to track their sightings and explore detailed information about each species. The rich content makes it a valuable companion for both beginners and seasoned birders, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the diverse avian world.

#3 Ebird

Further developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is a powerful online platform and mobile app designed for birdwatchers and ornithologists. It serves as a global database where users can log and share bird observations, creating a real-time, crowd-sourced map of bird distribution and abundance.

Birders contribute to citizen science by submitting checklists with species sightings, and the data aids researchers in understanding bird migration patterns, population trends, and more. eBird also offers tools for trip planning, species tracking, and personalized birding statistics. This collaborative platform plays a crucial role in advancing our knowledge of avian ecology and behavior.

#4 Roberts’ Bird Guide

Based on the renowned “Roberts Bird Guide” book series, is a comprehensive bird identification app for Southern African bird species. Developed by Southern African Birding CC, it serves as a digital field guide for bird enthusiasts in the region.

The app features detailed information on bird species, including illustrations, distribution maps, and calls. Users can search and filter birds based on various criteria, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced birdwatchers.

#5 iBird Pro Guide to Birds

An identification app developed by Mitch Waite Group works as a comprehensive resource for birdwatchers. The app provides detailed information on a wide variety of bird species, including illustrations, photographs, range maps, and vocalizations.

Very much known for its user-friendly interface and offline capabilities, making it practical for field use. iBird Pro Guide to Birds is a valuable tool for bird enthusiasts, providing in-depth knowledge and aiding in the identification of birds across different species.

#6 BirdNET

BirdNET is an innovative bird sound identification app developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Chemnitz University of Technology. Using artificial intelligence, BirdNET analyzes audio recordings of bird sounds and identifies the probable bird species. It’s a valuable tool for birders and ornithologists, providing a quick and accurate way to recognize birds based on their vocalizations.

Eventually, contributes to citizen science efforts by allowing users to submit their recordings, helping improve the model’s accuracy and expanding the knowledge of bird distribution. BirdNET exemplifies the intersection of technology and birdwatching, making bird identification accessible to a broader audience.


Based on the renowned "Roberts Bird Guide" book series, is a comprehensive bird identification app for Southern African bird species. Developed by Southern African Birding CC, it serves as a digital field guide for bird enthusiasts in the region.

Bottom Up

These apps are necessary for enthusiasts because they provide features like bird identification, bird calls, and location tracking. Also helps users identify species, keep track of their bird sightings, and enhance the overall bird-watching experience by offering valuable information about the birds in their vicinity.