HMD Global to Launch Three New Nokia Phones in India Under Its Own Brand

In a significant development, HMD Global, the company holding the license to manufacture Nokia-branded smartphones, is set to launch three new phones in India, transitioning away from the iconic ‘Nokia’ brand. This move is part of HMD Global’s broader strategy, focusing on affordability and longevity. The company, known for marketing Nokia phones as “pure, secure, and up to date,” is now gearing up to introduce smartphones under its own ‘HMD’ brand.

Upcoming HMD Devices

HMD Global is all set to unveil three phones in the initial phase under its brand. The lineup includes an affordable model priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000, catering to budget-conscious consumers. The company aims to position its HMD-branded smartphones as ‘value for money’ devices, focusing on affordability without compromising on quality.

In the upcoming month, HMD Global is set to unveil three new Nokia-branded smartphones in India, emphasizing affordability and enhanced features. As the licensed manufacturer of Nokia smartphones, the company continues its commitment to delivering quality devices to the market.

Dual-Brand Strategy

Contrary to initial speculation about the discontinuation of the Nokia brand, a recent report reveals that HMD Global plans to continue launching phones under both the ‘Nokia’ and ‘HMD’ names. The company holds the Nokia license until 2026, allowing it to release phones concurrently under both brands. These devices will be available at different retail outlets, offering consumers a choice between the iconic Nokia brand and the emerging HMD brand.

Evolution of Nokia’s Brand Ownership

The journey of Nokia’s brand ownership has been a rollercoaster ride. In 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services business, while Nokia shifted its focus to Networks. However, merely a year later, Microsoft quietly dropped the Nokia brand, selling it back to Nokia. In 2016, Nokia signed a ten-year deal with HMD Global, granting them the right to use the ‘Nokia’ brand on smartphones and tablets.

Market Presence and Outreach

HMD Global boasts a global presence, with a footprint in over 200 countries and a user base exceeding 400 million Nokia users since the takeover in 2016. The strategic shift in branding aligns with the company’s commitment to catering to a diverse market audience. The new HMD devices aim to provide a fresh and innovative approach to meet evolving consumer needs.

Online and Offline Strategies

The upcoming Nokia phones slated for 2024 will be exclusively available offline, maintaining a traditional retail presence. On the other hand, HMD-branded phones are set to be introduced both online and in major retail stores. This dual-channel strategy is expected to impact the pricing of HMD and Nokia phones, with HMD devices positioned as more ‘value for money.’

Exclusive Service Support

In tandem with the phone launch, HMD Global plans to open exclusive HMD service centers, indicating a strategic approach to provide dedicated support for its products. This move underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Recent Developments

Recently, HMD Global made a significant shift by renaming Nokia’s social handles and website to ‘Human Mobile Devices’ (HMD), signaling a departure from the nostalgic Nokia phones. The company released a teaser video, showcasing a diverse range of upcoming products, including smartphones, tablets, wireless earbuds, and more.

HMD – Official Video


Nokia phones slated for 2024 will be exclusively available offline, catering to traditional retail channels. In contrast, HMD-branded phones will be introduced both online and in major retail stores, with a focus on affordability. This dual-channel strategy is expected to offer consumers a choice between the iconic Nokia brand and the emerging HMD brand, with varying pricing strategies.

Bottom Up

HMD Global is preparing to launch three new phones under its brand, the tech industry eagerly anticipates the impact of this strategic shift on the smartphone market. With a commitment to affordability, longevity, and a dual-brand strategy, HMD Global aims to cater to a diverse consumer base. The coexistence of the Nokia and HMD brands reflects the company’s versatility and adaptability in a dynamic market. As consumers await the official unveiling, the upcoming devices are poised to define a new era for HMD Global and its iconic Nokia lineage.