Honor Magic V2 Specs, Price, Features, Review and Full Details

Honor Magic V2, a revolutionary foldable phone, takes center stage in the mobile industry. Packed with cutting-edge features, this device from the HONOR lab promises a transformative experience. Let us analyze the specifications, pricing details, key features, and an in-depth review of the Honor Magic V2.

Sparks of Innovation

The “Millimeter Era” comes to life with the Honor Magic V2, boasting a foldable design with a thickness of less than 1 centimeter when folded. The Black (PU version) model showcases a folded thickness of 9.9mm and an unfolded thickness of 4.7mm, excluding the inner and outer screen protective films and the raised part of the camera.

Weighing in at 231g (excluding the inner protective film), the Black (PU version) model is a lightweight marvel. The hinge’s shaft cover is crafted from titanium alloy, providing 150% more strength compared to an aluminum alloy shaft of the same size.

This phone houses a typical battery capacity of 5000mAh, with a rated battery capacity of 4900mAh. Real-world battery life, sourced from the HONOR lab, may vary due to individual differences, user habits, and environmental factors.

Display Features

V2 features a round-corner design on the display, with a 7.92-inch diagonal length for the inner screen and a 6.43-inch diagonal length for the external screen in a standard rectangle. The maximum refresh rate of the screen reaches 120Hz, providing a smooth and immersive visual experience.

The external screen peaks at an impressive brightness of 2500 nit. The incorporation of 3840Hz PWM dimming technology, TÜV Rheinland flicker-free certified, ensures a risk-free dimming level, meeting IEEE standards.

Performance and Functionality

Powered by advanced technologies, the Honor Magic V2 supports a maximum wired charging power of 66W with the original SuperCharge charger, dynamically adjusting based on scenarios for optimal charging.

honor magic v2 come with snapdragon 8 gen 2

Exclusive to the HONOR Magic V2 Ultimate model is the inclusion of the HONOR Magic-Pen. AI Privacy Call, when enabled in fold mode, automatically adjusts volume based on the environment, functioning effectively at volume 8 and below. The device also introduces the unique Hovering State, maintaining a specific angle after being folded for 12 hours.

The device features a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, boasting an octa-core configuration. This includes a high-performance Cortex-X3 core clocked at 3.19GHz, along with Cortex-A715 and Cortex-A710 cores operating at 2.8GHz, and energy-efficient Cortex-A510 cores running at 2.0GHz. Paired with the Adreno 740 GPU, the Magic V2 delivers seamless multitasking, smooth graphics rendering, and overall outstanding performance, making it a formidable contender in the smartphone market.

Camera Capabilities and AI Features

Equipped with a 20MP telephoto camera supporting up to 40x digital zoom, the Honor Magic V2 promises exceptional photography capabilities. The device introduces AI Motion Sensing Capture, designed for sports scenes and dynamic moments, ensuring intelligent high-speed shutter functionality. AI assistance in selecting the best picture within 1.5 seconds before and after shutter-pressing guarantees capturing the most exciting moments.

honor magic v2 foldable phone design

Honor Magic V2 boasts an impressive rear camera setup featuring a triple-camera system. The primary 50MP wide camera, with optical image stabilization (OIS) and an aperture of f/1.9, ensures sharp and vibrant images even in challenging lighting conditions. Complementing it is a 50MP ultra-wide camera with an aperture of f/2.0, expanding the creative possibilities for capturing expansive landscapes and immersive scenes. Additionally, the 20MP telephoto camera, equipped with OIS and an aperture of f/2.4, enables users to zoom in closer to subjects while maintaining clarity and detail.

Price and Availability

The Honor Magic V2, a peak of technological advancement, is competitively priced. Availability may vary depending on locations and local suppliers, so prospective buyers are advised to check the actual situation. The much-anticipated Honor Magic V2 is set to redefine the premium smartphone landscape with an expected price tag of Rs. 1,02,999. Packed with groundbreaking features, this device promises a futuristic experience for users willing to invest in cutting-edge technology.

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AI Privacy Call reduces call sound leakage, working optimally at volume 8 and below. It's not completely soundproof, and the sense of sound leakage depends on the noise level of the environment.

Bottom Up

Honor Magic V2 stands as a testament to technological innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of foldable phones. With a sleek design, powerful performance, and unique features, this device captures the essence of HONOR’s commitment to pushing boundaries. As users embrace this cutting-edge device, the Honor Magic V2 marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of smartphones.