How does a 13-year-old beat Original Tetris? A Record-Breaking Achievement

In the world of classic video games, few titles have stood the test of time quite like Tetris. For over three decades, players have been captivated by the simple yet endlessly challenging block-stacking puzzle game. Recently, a 13-year-old from Oklahoma, his online Pseudonym is Blue Scuti and legally as Willis Gibson, has not only etched his name in Tetris history but has also shattered the belief that reaching the game’s “kill screen” was a feat reserved only for artificial intelligence.

Tetris was created by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. The NES version, released in 1989, became widely popular. In the game, falling Tetriminos, geometric shapes made up of four blocks each, must be rotated and arranged to create complete horizontal lines. When a line is formed, it disappears, and the player scores points. The game speeds up over time, adding to the challenge. NES Tetris is celebrated for its simplicity, yet it remains one of the most beloved and enduring video games.

A Record-Breaking Achievement

In a mesmerizing video posted on his YouTube channel, Blue Scuti takes players on a journey through his intense Tetris gameplay. The story unfolds as he skillfully maneuvers blocks for an impressive 38 minutes, reaching an astounding level of 157. The tension builds as he exclaims, “Oh, I missed it,” fearing that a misplaced block might have derailed his quest. However, the young Tetris maestro quickly recovers, showcasing an incredible ability to adapt and improvise.

As the blocks cascade at a breakneck speed, Blue Scuti, with sheer determination, whispers, “Please crash,” before flawlessly completing another line. The moment arrives when the game freezes, and the score reads “999999” – a perfect score. His triumphant cry of “Oh my God! Yes!” echoes the disbelief and exhilaration of witnessing the seemingly impossible.

Human Triumph over Technology

Vince Clemente, president of the Classic Tetris World Championship, expressed the magnitude of Blue Scuti’s achievement, stating, “It has never been done by a human before. It’s basically that everyone thought was impossible until a couple of years ago.” This monumental victory breaks new ground, as previously, only artificial intelligence bots had managed to force Tetris to its elusive “kill screen.”

Blue Scuti’s gameplay strategy involves a cutting-edge technique known as “rolling.” This method allows players to manipulate the NES controller with incredible speed, hitting the D-pad up to 20 times per second. This revolutionary style, pioneered just a couple of years ago, has redefined competitive Tetris, enabling players to achieve levels of precision and speed previously thought unattainable.

Personal Victory

Beyond the pixels and high scores, Blue Scuti’s achievement carries a poignant backstory. The young prodigy dedicated his historic win to his late father, Adam, who passed away just a month before the triumph. This adds a layer of emotion to the already remarkable accomplishment, showcasing not only gaming prowess but resilience and dedication in the face of personal loss.

Blue Scuti’s gameplay


Until a couple of years ago, reaching Tetris's kill screen was believed to be impossible for humans. Blue Scuti's triumph not only shatters this perception but also cements his status as one of the greatest NES Tetris players of all time.

Blue Scuti's gameplay, coupled with the rolling technique, has redefined the competitive Tetris landscape. His records for high scores, levels achieved, and lines cleared using this method showcase the potential for superhuman skill and dedication in mastering this classic game.

Bottom Up

The tale of Blue Scuti’s Tetris triumph is not just a story of a record-breaking game but a testament to the evolving nature of gaming skills, the human spirit’s capacity for achievement, and the ability to turn a nostalgic pastime into a cutting-edge competition. As the Tetris community celebrates this historic moment, it leaves us wondering what other feats may lie ahead in the ever-expanding world of gaming.