How to Enable Custom Emojis on the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch?

Amazfit GTS Smartwatch is known for its sleek design, vibrant AMOLED display, and various fitness tracking features. It monitors heart rate, and sleep patterns, and offers multiple sports modes. Connect your Android device or Apple iOS with this and enjoy more comfort.

Need to message your loved ones with emojis? It is possible to send emojis through Amazfit GTS Smartwatches, Emoji express our inner feelings accurately more than words. Get Custom firmware and download the Notify & Fitness App zip file.

Step #1:

  • After installation of the Notify & Fitness app sync it with Amazfit App.
  • Now connect your watch with the Amazfit App and give the required information it asks for.
  • At the top left you will find three horizontal line symbols.

Step #2:

  • If you are done the first step, step on to the next one.
  • You will get various options displayed by selecting ‘Settings’ options.

Step #3:

  • In settings choose the Basic option and you will get various aspects below
  • At Bluetooth connectivity, you will find the Amazfit firmware version.
  • Click on the ‘Update’ option below.

Step #4:

  • Now you will get into the Update firmware page.
  • The file gives you two options: Stock firmware and choose file.
  • Click on the ‘Choose file’ option. You need to download it.
  • You get a zip file extracted from the firmware fold

Step #5:

  • Downloaded zip file will display 3 files on the screen.
  • The first one is the .fw extension that contains the main firmware file.
  • The second one is the .ft extension which contains text files and emojis.
  • The third one is the .res extension, a resource file.
  • As we need emojis we should go with the second extension.

Step #6:

  • Lastly, you need to download the .ft extension also a zip file.
  • This will be the last download in the process.
  • Again you will be back to the Update firmware page. It asks for ‘Start Update’.
  • Click on Start Update and wait till the process gets completed.

Step #7:

  • After completion, you need to go back to the main screen.
  • All you need to do is to activate an emoji from the Notify & Fitness app.

Step #8:

  • On the main screen at the top bar above the Remainder, you can find a message icon. Click on it
  • You will find a lot of options, at last, you can see ‘Notification Settings’. Just get into that.
  • You will find a Modded firmware with a New label.

Step #9:

  • Below the modded firmware you will see ‘display emoticon’. Enable it.
  • After that come to the home and get into the icon where you already find ‘Settings’.
  • Below Statistics you will find the ‘Text Display feature’.
  • Click it and type the emojis you want to test.
  • All the emojis will be available on your watch now. You can also cross-check it.


Bottom Up

Now you have enabled custom emojis on the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch. Remember that to enjoy this feature consistently you need to update Amazfit firmware. To get updates you are suggested to follow tutorials. We have provided links and images for your better understanding.