How to Make a Boat in LEGO Fortnite: A Comprehensive Guide for Creative Seafaring

LEGO Fortnite’s survival mode provides players with a unique opportunity to unleash their creativity, allowing them to construct various vehicles for exploration. One of the challenges players face is the need for transportation across the expansive map. However, with the introduction of Thrusters, Activation Switches, and Dynamic Foundations, Epic Games has empowered players to let their imaginations run wild. This guide’ll delve into the intricate process of building a boat for your nautical adventures in LEGO Fortnite.

Materials required to make the Boat

  • Medieval Rails: Surrounding guards for the boat.
  • Thrusters (x4): Essential for propelling the boat.
  • Dynamic Foundation: The boat’s body; regular foundations won’t suffice.
  • Activation Switches (x3): Steering mechanisms for the boat.
  • Foundations Pieces: Necessary for making Thrusters work and forming the boat’s ‘floor.’
  • Wool Fabric (Optional): This is used for crafting a flag to add a decorative touch.

How to Make a Boat in LEGO Fortnite?

Step #1: Gather Essential Materials

Before commencing the boat construction, ensure you have the vital materials: Dynamic Foundation, Thrusters, Activation Switches, Foundations Pieces, Medieval Rails, and optional Wool Fabric.

Step #2: Place the Dynamic Platform

Begin by placing a Dynamic Platform on a flat surface, ideally at the edge of the water on a sandy surface.

Step #3: Wooden Foundation Placement

Position a wooden foundation (size 2) in the middle of the Dynamic Platform. This serves as the basis for your boat.

Step #4: Medieval Railing Placement

Surround the platform with six medieval railings. Place two at the front and back edges of the platform, and two in the middle using the black border as a reference.

Step #5: Additional Wooden Foundation Placement

Using the medieval railing as a reference, place a wooden foundation (size 6) in the middle of the platform, right beside the vertical wooden foundation. Then, place a wooden foundation (size 2) on top of it, attaching a small thruster.

Step #6: Break and Repeat

Break the horizontal foundation (size 6), causing the wooden foundation (size 2) to drop between the railings and the other wooden foundation. Repeat the process for the other side.

Step #7: Attach Thrusters

Attach two small thrusters to the back of the Dynamic Platform. Ensure they are not fixed to the railings in the back.

Step #8: Activation Switch Placement

Place three activation switches on top of the boat – one in the middle and one on each side.

Step #9: Launch and Navigate

Finally, push the boat into the water, and your LEGO Fortnite creation is ready for sea-faring adventures.

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Certainly! Scaling up the boat design is possible by adjusting the size of the foundations, adding more thrusters, and expanding the platform. Collaborate with fellow players to create impressive vessels for group exploration.

Wool Fabric is optional and serves as a decorative element. Feel free to skip this if you prioritize functionality over aesthetics, or get creative with alternative materials for additional customization.

Bottom Up

LEGO Fortnite’s survival mode provides a platform for inventive construction, and crafting a boat adds a new dimension to your in-game experiences. With the right materials and a touch of creativity, players can embark on seafaring adventures, exploring diverse biomes and overcoming transportation challenges. This guide, inspired by the build of YouTuber SnaXx, offers a comprehensive walkthrough to help you navigate the intricacies of boat construction in LEGO Fortnite.