How To Record VoWiFi Calls On Your Samsung Smartphone

In a recent update, Samsung has introduced an exciting enhancement for Galaxy S24 series users, making voice call recording in VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) mode seamlessly integrated into the latest OneUI 6.1 based on Android 14 OS. While this feature is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series, running on the latest dialer app version 15.1.66 or newer, there are expectations that it will soon extend to older Galaxy models.

Understanding the Upgrade

Historically, Galaxy users faced limitations in recording voice calls in VoWiFi mode, being restricted to instances where VoWiFi was off or requiring third-party apps. However, Samsung’s innovative approach surpasses Google Dialer by not announcing call recording, enabling automatic recording when enabled.

Phones utilizing OneUI 6 or older versions presented users with a pop-up stating ‘cannot record WiFi calls.’ This capability is currently available on three smartphones, with users being able to activate VoWiFi calling from the quick setting panel. This facilitates both audio and video calls through the Samsung dialer app.

Benefits of VoWiFi and Automatic Call Recording

VoWiFi offers superior audio quality, particularly indoors or in areas with intermittent cellular network coverage. It serves as a solution to prevent call disconnections caused by network issues. Automatic call recording, a life-saving feature in certain situations, now becomes even more convenient with the integration of VoWiFi. Activating call recording for every call provides a level of evidence for users in case unforeseen circumstances arise.

How to Automatically Record Calls on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

To take advantage of this upgraded feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Phone app and navigate to the Keypad menu.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu at the top and open Settings.
  3. Access the Record calls menu.
  4. Turn on the Auto record calls toggle.

This automation ensures that both incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, with each call consuming only a small amount of storage, preserving your phone’s storage space.

User Concerns: WiFi Calling and Auto Call Recording

However, some users have reported challenges with auto call recording since enabling WiFi calling on their Samsung Galaxy phones. The improved voice quality attributed to WiFi calling has been a significant advantage, but users are facing difficulties in simultaneously maintaining the auto call recording feature.

Troubleshooting the WiFi Calling and Auto Call Recording Dilemma

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Check Software Compatibility: Ensure your Samsung Galaxy phone is running on a compatible software version that supports WiFi calling and call recording. Consider updating to the latest software version if available.

2. Dialer App Version: Confirm that you are using the latest dialer app with version number 15.1.66 or newer, as specified for the VoWiFi call recording feature.

3. Network Connectivity: Check your WiFi connection and the strength of the signal. Instabilities in the network might interfere with the simultaneous functioning of WiFi calling and auto-call recording.

4. Contact Service Provider: Reach out to your service provider, in this case, Airtel, to inquire about any specific settings or restrictions related to WiFi calling and call recording. They might offer insights into a potential solution.

Remember, the combination of VoWiFi and call recording is a new feature, and some glitches might occur. Staying informed about updates and seeking assistance from your service provider can help resolve these issues.


Yes, you can manually record calls during a VoWiFi call on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Ensure that you are using the latest dialer app with version number 15.1.66 or newer, go to the Keypad menu, tap the three-dot menu, open Settings, and access the Record calls menu. From there, you can turn on the recording for individual calls as needed.

Bottom Up

Samsung’s latest enhancement in allowing VoWiFi call recording signifies a step forward in user convenience and functionality. While some users may face challenges using this feature alongside WiFi calling, following the troubleshooting steps can help resolve the issue. As technology evolves, these integrations provide users with enhanced capabilities, ultimately improving the overall communication experience on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.