itel Owner, Headquarters, Net Worth And History

Itel, a prominent Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, stepped into the tech arena in March 2014, founded by Lei Weiguo and Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Limited. With a commitment to providing budget-friendly consumer electronics, Itel has emerged as a reliable life brand over its decade-long journey.

Its commitment to democratizing technology is evident in its diverse product portfolio. From smartphones and TVs to accessories, electronics, home appliances, laptops, and lifestyle products, Itel aims to provide budget-friendly options for consumers, ensuring that technology is accessible to everyone.


Itel’s inception in 2007 in Hong Kong marked the beginning of a journey focused on empowering individuals through seamless mobile communication. Over the past decade, Itel has expanded its presence to more than 50 emerging markets worldwide. The brand’s growth has been exceptional, with sales reaching 70 million mobile handsets globally by 2015.

The company’s foray into international markets has been strategic. Bangladesh welcomed Itel in October 2015, while India became a part of the Itel family in April 2016. The brand continues to spread its wings, reaching over 50 countries by 2017. Pakistan joined the Itel community in November 2019, highlighting the brand’s commitment to connecting people globally.

Founders and Ownership

Lei Weiguo, alongside Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Limited, laid the foundation of Itel Mobile in March 2014. The company operates as a subsidiary under the umbrella of Transsion Holdings, a Chinese conglomerate specializing in the design, development, and sale of mobile communication products, particularly targeting emerging markets.

Founder of Itel Mobile, Lei Weiguo, also serves as the CEO, steering the company towards its vision of becoming the most influential provider of mobile communication devices and related services globally. Under his leadership, Itel has grown into a major player in the mobile handset industry.


The global headquarters of Itel Mobile proudly stands in Shenzhen, China, known for its technological prowess. Shenzhen serves as the nerve center for Itel’s operations, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and global outreach.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Itel Mobile boasts a net worth of 289 million, a testament to its financial stability and success in the competitive mobile industry. However, it’s crucial to note that net worth calculations are influenced by various social factors and should be considered as a general guideline rather than an exact figure.

Vision and Mission

Itel’s vision is to be a reliable smart life brand favored by families in emerging markets worldwide. The brand’s mission revolves around providing democratized technology and lifestyle products, allowing consumers to enjoy a better life.

A Glimpse into Itel India

Arijeet Talapatra leads Transsion India, the company responsible for bringing Itel-branded phones to the Indian market since 2016. Itel India operates from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, showcasing the brand’s commitment to the diverse and dynamic Indian market.

Itel’s Impact

Itel’s impact is not merely measured in sales figures but in its role as a disruptor in the mobile industry. Known for affordable, basic functionality, Itel’s phones cater to students on a budget, providing a reliable solution for essential tasks such as calls, messaging, web browsing, and using essential apps.


Itel's strategic expansion into over 50 countries and its emphasis on affordable yet reliable mobile communication devices have played a crucial role in bridging the digital divide. By reaching emerging markets, Itel has empowered individuals with access to technology and connectedness.

Bottom Up

Itel’s journey from its inception in 2007 to its current global standing reflects a commitment to making technology accessible to everyone. With a diverse product portfolio, strategic global expansion, and a visionary founder at the helm, Itel Mobile continues to shape the landscape of affordable and reliable mobile communication.