Embark on a Cosmic Adventure with NASA’s Snap It! An Eclipse Photo Adventure Game for Kids

Are your kids curious about the mysteries of the universe? Look no further! NASA has launched an exciting new interactive computer game called “Snap It! An Eclipse Photo Adventure” to teach children aged 7 and up about solar eclipses and the cosmos.

Embark on an Exciting Journey

Set against the backdrop of the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, Snap It! takes young players on a celestial adventure alongside an interstellar traveler. This enthusiastic character, known as the Traveler, is on a mission to learn about eclipses and the wonders of space.

What is Snap It! An Eclipse Photo Adventure?

Snap It! is an interactive computer game designed by NASA to educate children about solar eclipses. In the game, players help the Traveler capture photos of the sun as they journey to Earth. Kids learn about eclipses and celestial objects that pass in front of the sun by taking snapshots and decorating postcards.

How Can Kids Play Snap It! Game?
Kids can easily play Snap It! on any computer with an internet browser. The game engages players’ keyboard and mouse skills to assist the Traveler in snapping photographs. Each captured image is stored in an album with informative descriptions about the transiting objects, providing an enriching learning experience.

Discover the Marvels of Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses occur when the moon interrupts the path of the sun and the moon, comes between the sun and the earth, and temporarily moon, the sun, and the earth fall on the same orbit line. The upcoming total solar eclipse will be visible to over 30 million people across North America. Snap It! allows children to witness this phenomenon firsthand and understand its science.

A Cosmic Companion: The Alien Explorer

At the heart of Snap It! lies an endearing alien protagonist, the Traveler, who is fascinated by solar eclipses. Players accompany this extraterrestrial voyager on a mission to capture 20 captivating photos of eclipses and other celestial objects transiting the sun’s radiant sphere.

Share Your Cosmic Adventures

The game enables you to share your gaming experience with family and friends. Eventually, you can download the virtual report of the game results. Snap It! encourages children to engage in educational play while fostering an interest in astronomy and space exploration.

Experience the Total Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse on April 8, spectators within the path of totality will witness a mesmerizing sight as the moon aligns perfectly with the sun, revealing the ethereal spectacle of the sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona.

Igniting Curiosity About the Cosmos

With Snap It! In an Eclipse Photo Adventure, NASA pioneers an innovative approach to ignite children’s curiosity about the cosmos. By combining education with entertainment, the game inspires a new generation of young astronomers ready to explore the mysteries of our universe.


Snap It! is designed for children of 7 and above. Its interactive gameplay and educational content make it ideal for young learners who are curious about the universe.

Bottom Up

NASA’s Snap It! An Eclipse Photo Adventure game offers a captivating blend of education and entertainment, providing children aged 7 and above with an immersive experience to learn about solar eclipses and the cosmos. Through interactive gameplay, players embark on a celestial journey alongside the endearing alien protagonist, the Traveler, capturing snapshots of eclipses and celestial objects.

This innovative approach ignites curiosity about the wonders of space, inspiring a new generation of young astronomers ready to explore the mysteries of our universe. Snap It! fosters a sense of wonder and discovery, empowering children to engage with science in a fun and meaningful way.