7 Biggest New Games Launching in February 2024

As the gaming world gears up for a thrilling February, the industry is set ablaze with a spectacular lineup of new releases across various platforms. From the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to the nostalgic Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, players are in for a treat on PS5, Switch, Xbox, and PC. Let’s dive into the seven biggest games launching this month, promising a mix of action, adventure, and nostalgia.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth(Feb. 29)

The grand finale of February arrives with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second chapter in the Remake project. Players explore a vast open world with Cloud and the gang, breaking free from Midgar’s confines. Expect a greater focus on side content, impactful tweaks to the real-time battle system, and epic boss battles. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a must-play with a cinematic story, beloved characters, and promises of unexpected twists, marking one of the most noteworthy launches of the year.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League(Feb. 2)

After nearly a decade since their last release, Rocksteady Studios returns with a bang. In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, players step into the shoes of infamous villains like Harley Quinn and Deadshot, tasked with saving the world from a brainwashed Justice League. With an open-world Metropolis and co-op gameplay, controversy surrounds its “live service” model, but the cinematic storytelling and well-crafted characters are sure to captivate.

Helldivers 2(Feb. 8)

The cult hit Helldivers is back with a sequel, shifting from a top-down to a third-person perspective. Embark on intergalactic missions, face mutated creatures, and embrace the chaos of co-op play with friendly fire turned on by default. Helldivers 2 retains its irreverent tone, offering comedic moments and cheesy one-liners. Assemble your squad, communicate effectively, and survive the frantic and ferocious firefights in this comedic co-op third-person shooter.

Persona 3 Reload(Feb. 2)

Persona 3 Reload breathes new life into the legendary game that kickstarted the Persona franchise. This full-scale remake brings modern visuals, quality-of-life improvements, and fully-voiced dialogue sequences. Balancing student life with dungeon-crawling in a mysterious tower, Persona 3 Reload offers a captivating social-sim and RPG experience. Whether you’re a newcomer or a franchise veteran, this game promises a lengthy and immersive journey.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong(Feb. 16)

Returning from the Game Boy Advance era, Mario vs. Donkey Kong gets a refresh on the Nintendo Switch. Pursue the oversized ape through a toy factory, navigating conveyor belts and spikey pits. While not a completely new game, this remake retains the classic puzzle-solving gameplay and introduces vibrant new visuals. The beloved franchise makes a welcome return after almost a decade of dormancy.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered(Feb. 14)

The iconic Tomb Raider trilogy from 1996-1998 receives a visual makeover in Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. While not a full remake, this remastered package enhances visuals and introduces modern elements. Players can toggle between new and old graphics, providing a nostalgic yet visually pleasing experience. Dive into Lara Croft’s adventures with improved characters and animal models, making this collection more accessible than ever.

Skull and Bones(Feb. 16)

Ubisoft’s long-anticipated pirate simulator, Skull and Bones, finally sets sail after years of development. Inspired by naval warfare in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, players take control of a pirate ship during the Golden Age of Piracy. With a full co-op mode for treasure hunting and epic ship-versus-ship combat, Skull and Bones promises a thrilling high-seas experience filled with challenges and rivalries.


Certainly! Games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Helldivers 2, and Skull and Bones offer co-op or multiplayer features. Whether you want to team up with friends to save the world, survive chaotic firefights, or sail the high seas with a crew, these titles provide engaging multiplayer experiences.

Bottom Up

In conclusion, February 2024 emerges as an exceptional month for gamers, with a diverse range of genres and experiences catering to different tastes. From revamped classics to highly anticipated sequels, the gaming community has much to look forward to as they embark on new adventures across various gaming platforms.