Noise Pop Buds: True Wireless Stereo Earphones with 50 Hours Playtime, Bluetooth v5.3, and IPX5 Water Resistance

Are you looking for well-featured wireless AirPods? Noise Pop Buds stand tall, boasting an overabundance of features and unparalleled performance, making them a must-have accessory for music enthusiasts and tech admirers alike. Designed to enhance your audio experience, these TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones deliver exceptional sound quality, seamless connectivity, and a host of innovative features to elevate your music, calls, and overall lifestyle.

Unveiling the Marvels

Country of Origin: Hailing from the world’s innovation hub, China, Noise Pop Buds embody the epitome of technological prowess.

Marketed and Imported By: Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd, the driving force behind bringing these gems to the Indian market, ensuring accessibility and reliability.

Package Contents: The comprehensive package includes everything you need for an immersive audio experience – 1 device, 1 charging cable, 1 user manual, and a warranty card.

Audio Excellence: Equipped with 10mm speaker drivers, the Noise Pop Buds ensure immersive sound with rich bass, crisp highs, and balanced mids. Whether you’re diving into your favorite playlist or enjoying a podcast, expect nothing short of exceptional audio clarity.

Seamless Connectivity: With Bluetooth v5.3, enjoy seamless connectivity and a wireless range of up to 10 meters, ensuring freedom of movement without compromising on audio quality. Auto-pairing feature effortlessly connects with the last paired device, enhancing user convenience.

Battery Powerhouse: Say goodbye to battery woes with up to an astounding 50 hours of playtime on a single charge. Fast charging capability ensures minimal downtime, with just 90 minutes needed to recharge fully. The revolutionary Instacharge feature grants 150 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Physical Brilliance: Weighing a mere 39 grams and boasting compact dimensions of 4.8 x 5.8 x 3.0cm, Noise Pop Buds offer unparalleled comfort and portability. IPX5 water resistance rating ensures durability, making them suitable for all environments.

Enhanced Features: Experience minimal latency with low latency mode, ideal for gaming and video streaming, while Hyper Sync technology ensures seamless audio synchronization. Activate your voice assistant effortlessly with Siri or Google Assistant, and enjoy hands-free calling with crystal-clear audio quality.

Stylish and Versatile

Available in four vibrant color options – Moon pop, Steel pop, Forest pop, and Lilac pop – the Noise Pop Buds allow you to express your style while enjoying superior audio quality. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to work, these earphones complement any lifestyle.

User-Friendly Design

Crafted for convenience, the Noise Pop Buds feature touch-enabled controls, allowing you to effortlessly manage your music, calls, and voice assistants with a simple tap. Additionally, the earphones automatically power on when removed from the charging case and turn off when placed back inside, simplifying your user experience.

Price and Availability

Priced at an unbeatable ₹999, the Noise Pop Buds redefine affordability without compromising quality. Available at leading retailers and online platforms, including Flipkart, these TWS earphones offer unparalleled value for money.


To reset your earbuds, ensure they are fully charged. Delete Noise Pop Buds from the list of paired devices on your Bluetooth menu, then long-press both earbuds for 10 seconds. The red and white LEDs will indicate a successful reset, and you can proceed with the pairing process.

Bottom Up

Noise Pop Buds redefine the standards of TWS earphones, combining cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and unmatched performance. Whether you’re an audiophile seeking pristine sound quality or a tech-savvy individual craving seamless connectivity, these earbuds are your ultimate companion. Elevate your audio experience with Noise Pop Buds and immerse yourself in a world of pure musical bliss.