Introducing NoiseFit Twist Go: Stylish Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling & Health Tracking

In the constantly changing world of smartwatches, Noise once again commands attention with its latest release – the NoiseFit Twist Go. This stylish smartwatch is making a splash in the tech sphere, seamlessly blending cutting-edge features with an elegant design.

Design and Display

The NoiseFit Twist Go boasts a 1.39-inch TFT LCD 2.5D curved screen, providing users a vibrant and immersive display experience. The round dial, adorned with a metallic finish, exudes a sense of sophistication. Additionally, the smartwatch offers versatility with its silicone and metallic strap options, allowing users to personalize their wearable tech to match their style.

Bluetooth Calling with Tru Sync Technology

One of the standout features of the NoiseFit Twist Go is its Bluetooth calling capability, powered by Noise’s Tru Sync technology. This innovative feature facilitates quick pairing and ensures low power consumption, enhancing the overall user experience. The inclusion of a dial pad and recent call history on the smartwatch further elevates its functionality, making it a convenient communication tool on the wrist.

Health and Fitness Tracking

The Noise Health Suite, a comprehensive health monitoring system, is a cornerstone of the NoiseFit Twist Go. It encompasses 24×7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2 measurement, sleep tracking, and stress management. Moreover, the smartwatch caters to the diverse fitness needs of users by offering over 100 sports modes. Whether you are into running, cycling, or yoga, the NoiseFit Twist Go is designed to be your fitness companion.

Features and Connectivity

The NoiseFit Twist Go goes beyond health and fitness, incorporating features to enhance daily life. With voice assistance support, users can seamlessly navigate through tasks using their voice commands. The smartwatch is compatible with the NoiseFit App, opening up a realm of possibilities for customization and control. Users can enjoy the convenience of receiving notifications, weather updates, reminders, and even control their camera or music directly from their wrist.

Durable and Stylish Straps

The choice of straps adds an extra layer of personalization to the NoiseFit Twist Go. The silicone strap variants come in Silver Grey, Jet Black, and Rose Pink colors, catering to different preferences. Meanwhile, the metallic strap options, including Silver Link, Gold Link, Black Link, Elite Silver, and Elite Black, offer a touch of elegance. The smartwatch’s IP68 water and dust resistance ensure durability, allowing users to wear it confidently in various environments.

Availability and Pricing

The NoiseFit Twist Go is set to launch on February 28th at noon, with an introductory price starting at Rs. 1,199. Interested buyers can pre-order the smartwatch, specifically the silicone strap variants, via Amazon, providing an opportunity to win the much-coveted iPhone 15. The promotional campaign, detailed in the accompanying image, adds an exciting incentive for early adopters.


The Noise Tru Sync technology ensures quick pairing and low power consumption during Bluetooth calling. It not only simplifies the connection process but also optimizes the overall performance of the smartwatch, providing a seamless and efficient calling experience.

Bottom Up

NoiseFit Twist Go stands as a testament to Noise’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. With its blend of style, functionality, and advanced features, this smartwatch is poised to make a significant impact in the wearable tech market. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or someone looking to elevate their style, the NoiseFit Twist Go offers a compelling package that caters to diverse preferences and lifestyles.