Samsung Galaxy Ring Specs, Price, Review, Launch Date, and Features

After months of anticipation and speculation, Samsung has officially confirmed the existence of the much-talked-about Galaxy Ring. Unveiled at the end of the recent Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung described the smart ring as a “powerful and accessible” health and wellness device, leaving enthusiasts eager to dive into the details.

Release Date and Pricing

Samsung enthusiastically announced that the Galaxy Ring is “coming soon” but kept details about the price and launch date under wraps. Drawing comparisons with popular smart rings in the market, like the Oura Ring 3, expectations arise that the Galaxy Ring might be priced around $300.

Samsung has yet to open pre-orders, but once available, we will update this blog with a link for your convenience.

For the Indian market, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to start at ₹24,599, making it an enticing option for health-conscious consumers.

Table of Samsung Galaxy Ring Specs

Design and Body
Shape Circle
Weight Lightweight
Size Options Up to US size 13 (22.2mm diameter)
Display Features
Touch No
Water Resistance
Water Resistant Yes
Dust Proof Yes
Meters and Sensors
Altimeter Yes
Pedometer Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor Yes
Blood Pressure Monitor Yes
Calorie Count Yes
Step Count Yes
Sleep Monitor Yes
Stress Tracking Yes
Connectivity Features
Bluetooth Yes
Additional Information
Weight & Size Lightweight design with various sizes up to US size 13 (22.2mm diameter)
Charging Pogo pins
Monitor Heart rate, SpO2, sleep, stress tracking
Release Date Q3 2024

Samsung Galaxy Ring Specs

  • Bluetooth: Ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Water Resistant: Withstanding the elements for an active lifestyle.
  • Dust Proof: Providing durability and reliability.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Keeping a constant eye on your cardiovascular health.
  • Calorie Count: Tracking energy expenditure for a holistic view of fitness.
  • Sleep Monitor: Unveiling insights into your sleep patterns.
  • Step Count, Pedometer, Altimeter: Encouraging an active lifestyle with detailed activity tracking.
  • Circle Shape: Blending aesthetics with functionality.

Design and Name Revelation

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung only revealed the name and design of the upcoming wearable. While details were scarce, it’s anticipated that the Galaxy Ring will join the league of smart rings by incorporating fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level measurement, sleep tracking, and a step counter.

Features and Functionality

Dr. Matthew Wiggins, a clinical research scientist at Samsung Research, shared insights into the enhancements expected in the Samsung Health app. These include monitoring potential sleep apnea symptoms, heart rate alerts during sleep, and changes to blood oxygen levels powered by Galaxy AI. A notable feature teased is ‘My Vitality Score,’ akin to Fitbit, which assesses users’ physical readiness and mental preparedness based on heart rate data, activity, and sleep.

A future update to the app is expected to introduce medication reminders and warnings about potential interactions with foods and other medications. This suggests that the Galaxy Ring will offer an extended range of health-related functionalities, beyond the standard fitness tracking commonly found in smartwatches.

Patent Insights

A patent filed by Samsung in February 2023 sheds light on the Galaxy Ring’s intended purpose. Described as a “smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information,” this aligns with the growing trend of wearables focusing on comprehensive health tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: First Impressions From CNET


While specific comparisons are pending, the Galaxy Ring is expected to compete with its comprehensive health tracking features and a competitive price point. Samsung enthusiastically announced that the Galaxy Ring is "coming soon" but kept details about the price and launch date under wraps. Drawing comparisons with popular smart rings in the market, like the Oura Ring 3, expectations arise that the Galaxy Ring might be priced around $300.

Bottom Up

Samsung Galaxy Ring emerges as a promising addition to the world of wearables, seamlessly blending style with advanced health and fitness functionalities. As we eagerly await its official release, Samsung enthusiasts can anticipate a robust device that goes beyond conventional smart rings, making health and wellness more accessible than ever. Stay tuned for updates on pre-orders and the official launch date, as Samsung continues to redefine the boundaries of wearable technology.