Xbox One Won’t Turn on But Makes Sound – How To Fix?

Xbox One, a reliable gaming console since its 2013 release, can face issues that prevent it from turning on, often accompanied by beeping sounds. While the console’s longevity is commendable, users may encounter challenges over time. This blog explores common causes and practical troubleshooting methods for the vexing problem of an unresponsive Xbox One.

Reason behind Xbox sounds made by Xbox

Xbox One may refuse to power on while emitting beeping sounds due to several potential causes.

Overheating Console:

Prolonged usage in dusty environments or poor air circulation may trigger overheating. The console’s safety mechanism shuts it down until normal operating temperatures are reached.

Power Supply Failure:

A malfunctioning power supply, responsible for drawing power to the console, can prevent the Xbox One from turning on.

Motherboard Issues:

Additionally, issues with the motherboard, such as liquid damage or internal component failure, may render the Xbox unresponsive. Moisture buildup on the motherboard, especially when exposed to cold environments, can result in various problems, from failure to power on to persistent beeping.

Identifying and addressing these causes is crucial for effective troubleshooting and restoring the functionality of the Xbox One.

Ways to Troubleshooting

Now, Let us search for user-friendly solutions to tackle the “Xbox One won’t turn on but makes sound” issue:

Mash the Eject Button:

Pressing the eject button multiple times forces the Xbox to perform the disc ejection task, potentially prompting the console to power up.

Reset Power Supply:

Disconnect all cables from the Xbox for 15 seconds and then reconnect them. Attempt to power on the Xbox again.

Power Cycle the Xbox:

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to initiate a reset. Wait for the console to power off and then on. The power cycle is complete when the indicator on the power brick turns to a dark orange color.

Force Restart Xbox One:

Press and hold the sync, eject, and power buttons together for ten seconds. Release the eject button, wait 15 seconds, then release all buttons. Hold the power button and long-press the sync button. The Xbox One should start up.

Remove All Connected Devices:

Power off the Xbox, disconnect all devices, wait a few seconds, and power it on again. Reconnect devices after successful startup.

Insert a Game Disc:

Partially insert a game disc while the Xbox is attempting to power up. This may force the console to read the disc and power up.

Replace Cables and Power Brick:

Test with replacement cables and a power brick to rule out cable issues.

Switch Output Ports on your TV:

Connect the HDMI cable to a different HDMI port on the TV to ensure a working display.

Check for Power Cord Pins:

Clean dirty power supply pins and ensure they are not bent.

Get Motherboard Checked:

If moisture or liquid damage is suspected on the motherboard, consult a technician for repairs or replacement.

Replace the Xbox One:

If all else fails, seek service from an authorized center. Avoid attempting to open the Xbox without proper knowledge.


Ensure proper ventilation, keep the console in a dust-free environment, and avoid obstructing vents. Consider using external cooling solutions if necessary.

Bottom Up

Xbox One’s refusal to turn on can be attributed to various factors, from overheating to power supply failures. However, users can employ practical troubleshooting methods to address the issue. From mashing the eject button to checking power cord pins, these steps offer a comprehensive guide to revive a seemingly unresponsive Xbox One. Happy gaming!