Best Android Apps for Learning Chinese Language

Why should one learn Chinese? China ranks first among the world population so to converse with large masses of people it’s adequate to know chinese. China is a global economic powerhouse, and proficiency in Chinese can enhance business, trade, and international relations opportunities.

Mandarin, the most spoken language globally, is essential for navigating China’s booming economy. Mastering Chinese characters unveils a rich tapestry of history and literature. Beyond the practical advantages in global business, it fosters cross-cultural understanding.

Nowadays it has become easier to learn Chinese through apps. You can learn the language easily with high proficiency through Android apps. There are plenty of easy Chinese learning apps available in Google Play Store.

Android Apps for Learning Chinese

  • Hello Chinese
  • Duolingo
  • Learn Chinese
  • Chinesay : Learn Chinese easily
  • Du Chinese
  • Pleco
  • Drops : Learn Mandarin Chinese
  • Anki

Hello Chinese

A popular language-learning app tailored for Mandarin Chinese. Offering a comprehensive curriculum, it caters to beginners with interactive lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Its step-by-step approach, clear explanations, and visual aids contribute to a well-rounded language learning journey.


The app employs a gamified structure, rewarding users with points and virtual currency for completing challenges. With a focus on repetition, visual aids, and real-life scenarios, Duolingo aims to make language learning enjoyable and effective. Whether a beginner or an advanced learner, Duolingo provides an accessible and dynamic approach to mastering a new language.

Learn Chinese

Offering a comprehensive curriculum, it covers vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It incorporates real-life situations, making it applicable to daily conversations. With a user-friendly interface and a focus on building a solid foundation, ChineseSkill facilitates a rewarding language learning journey.

Chinesay : Learn Chinese easily

To explore effective ways to learn Chinese easily, consider reputable language apps, online courses, or local language schools that offer beginner-friendly approaches, interactive lessons, and practical scenarios to enhance your proficiency in Mandarin.

Du Chinese

Provides a collection of graded articles with audio, catering to different proficiency levels. Users can listen to native speakers while reading transcripts and accessing translations. The platform’s interactive approach, coupled with engaging content, makes it a valuable resource for those seeking a practical understanding of Mandarin Chinese.


Pleco offers a robust Chinese-English dictionary with character recognition, stroke order diagrams, and audio pronunciation. Additionally, it includes flashcards, example sentences, and various language learning tools. The app is widely used by learners and expatriates in China for its user-friendly interface.

Drops : Learn Mandarin Chinese

Immensely focuses on vocabulary building through visual associations and repetitive exercises. With its emphasis on daily practice and visual learning, it’s designed for users who prefer a more casual and interactive language learning experience. Drops may not cover comprehensive grammar rules but serve as a useful tool for expanding your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.


Anki is available on multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, and supports a large community-generated database of shared decks. Its flexibility and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for those seeking efficient and personalized memorization.

Anki is an excellent tool for Chinese language learners. Many users create and share Anki decks specifically designed for learning Mandarin Chinese. These decks often include flashcards for characters, vocabulary, tones, and phrases.


Bottom Up

Mastering Chinese characters unveils a rich tapestry of history and literature. Beyond the practical advantages in global business, it fosters cross-cultural understanding. Whether you are drawn to the poetic nuances of the language or aiming for professional growth, the journey of learning Chinese promises intellectual and practical rewards.