The Best Free Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Can’t recollect the information like address, mail address, website, and phone numbers mentioned in the Phone call? Due to privacy and security concerns, Apple doesn’t permit you to record phone calls. The primary reason is to protect user privacy and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Usually, it restricts third-party apps from accessing certain system functionalities.

Since there is a need to record phone calls, the Apple App Store provides various options for Call Recordings. Such apps are officially tested by Apple and flexible with Apple’s terms and conditions.

List of free call recording apps for iPhone

  • Rev Call Recorder
  • Call recorder iCall
  • Call recorder App for iPhone
  • Automatic Call recorder
  • TapeACall

Rev Call Recorder

Free app to record your calls. Duration is not limited; you can record calls without any time limits. You can get high-quality call recordings via share options through email, dropbox, etc. It allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls. It is accessible for U.S. numbers only.

Additionally, it offers transcription features with 99% accuracy. These services typically transcribe your recorded calls into text, making it easier to review and search through conversations. Greatly useful for journalists, news reporters, and content creators.

Call recorder iCall

One-Tap interface makes your call recording easy and more user-friendly. You can save the recordings, play them, and share them. Allow you to record the number of call recordings without time restriction. Subscription-based App users can choose the subscription plan based on their needs. The cost of subscription changes based on the country.

Easy to use with the friendly option to record calls, click on the ‘Record’ option in the app. When your call ends the recording will be played on the directed app as you wish. Extremely useful for people who want to collect accurate information. Conference call recording is highly useful for businessmen and teachers.

Call recorder App for iPhone

User-friendly app to record your calls and eventually makes voice memos. It helps to recollect the details discussed in the calls in high clarity. You can record calls and playback them anytime – anywhere. It helps you to transcribe calls in all languages. Hiring Managers, businessmen, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals.

Before installation check the terms and conditions thoroughly. Broad subscription plan with daily, monthly, weekly, and annual renewal options. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but a refund will not be provided.

Automatic Call recorder

The special feature of the app which is not available in any other App is you can edit the call recordings. You can save it and share it in the required platform as per your requirements. You can convert calls into text; it supports nearly 50 dialects. Enables you to upload recordings to Slack.

You can record International and domestic calls in both incoming and outgoing formats. Eventually without an internet connection. They provide three types of subscription plans, especially weekly plans with 3 days of free trial. Your renewal plan will automatically be reported to iTunes. It won’t permit you to cancel the activation plan in between.


“TapeACall” is an app available on the App Store that offers call recording functionality for iPhone users. It allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and also offers features like transcription services. It provides both incoming and outgoing call recording functionality. The app typically requires a subscription for full access to its features.


Apple doesn't permit you to record phone calls due to privacy and security concerns. The primary reason is to protect user privacy and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Usually, it restricts third-party apps from accessing certain system functionalities.

Bottom Up

As an iPhone user you can get difficulties in call recording options so can go with alternative options like third-party apps for call recordings. The Apple app store has various call-recording apps. These are cautioned with security features to ensure user’s privacy.