The Best Goal Setting Apps for Apple and Android Devices

Struggles to achieve your goal? Are you willing to be successful? A goal-setting app is a software application designed to help individuals define, track, and achieve their objectives. These apps typically provide features such as setting specific goals, breaking them into tasks, establishing timelines, and monitoring progress.

Regularly reviewing your goals and progress within the app allows for self-reflection, enabling adjustments to strategies based on what works best for you. Analyzing your historical data within the app can provide insights into your habits and productivity, aiding in future goal-setting strategies.

The best goal-setting apps are available on both Apple iPhones and Google Android devices. Here is the list:

List of best Goal Setting Apps

  • Dreamfora: AI Goal setting
  • Coach Me – Goals and Habit
  • Habitica
  • Way of life
  • Todoist
  • Click up
  • Strides

Dreamfora: AI Goal setting

AI Goal Setting app that scored a 4.7 rating in Playstore and became a prominent one. Dreamfora allows its users to set goals and achieve them within the deadline. Tasks are aligned to the users with Generative AI, with expertise guidelines, and tricks. A thriving community of people with 1.7 million gives motivation quotes and ideology to achieve success. The iconic feature of the app is you can enjoy ad-free usage which is time-effective and (maybe for premium).

Coach Me – Goals and Habit

Goal chasing app with unique features allows you to set common goals in public and allows others to know about your goal updates. It consists of multiple training modules to help you track your regular day-to-day routine. The app offers personal coach assistance in subscription only. You can directly interact with the coach and alter your schedule as you wish.


The App has various elements like a habit tracker, task manager, and role-playing game. Key features of Habitica include the ability to set daily tasks, habits, and to-dos, as well as assigning difficulty levels to each. Completing these tasks earns virtual rewards that contribute to your character’s progress in the game. It’s a gamified approach to productivity and goal-setting, adding a fun and engaging element to the process.

Way of life

Habit-tracking app that allows you to easily track your habits on a daily basis, providing a visual representation of your progress over time. Provides charts and graphs that illustrate your habit trends and consistency, offering insights into your behavioral patterns. It offers backup and sync features to keep your data secure and accessible across multiple devices.


Task Management App that helps to create tasks, set due dates, and add details to keep track of your to-do list. Organize tasks into projects and add labels for better categorization and prioritization. Assign priority levels to tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Share tasks and projects with others, enabling collaboration and team coordination.

Click up

Click Up is a project management and productivity platform that offers a wide range of features to help teams and individuals organize their work. It includes features like comments, file attachments, and real-time collaboration on tasks and documents for team collaboration. It integrates with various third-party tools and services, providing flexibility and allowing users to connect ClickUp with other tools they use.


Perfect! Goal-setting app that allows users to create various types of goals, such as habit-based goals, project goals, or milestones. The app often includes charts and graphs to illustrate your progress over time. Users can customize their goal parameters and receive insights into their habits and achievements.

Table of Top 30 Goal Setting Apps

S.No Name
1 Todoist
2 Trello
3 Habitica
4 Microsoft To Do
5 Wunderlist (now Microsoft To Do)
6 Asana
8 HabitBull
9 Strides
10 Streaks
11 Google Keep
12 Things
13 Notion
14 GoalTracker
16 Productive
17 2Do
18 OmniFocus
19 TickTick
20 Goalify
21 Lifetick
22 MyLifeOrganized
23 HabitNow
24 Goals on Track
25 Remente
26 GoalSetter
27 Taskade
28 MindMeister
29 HabitHub


Todoist and Click Up are project management and productivity platforms that offer a wide range of features to help teams and individuals organize their work. They integrate with various third-party tools and services, providing flexibility and allowing users to connect with other tools they use.

Bottom Up

Let’s plan your strategies with a goal-setting app and implement it in your daily life to see the positive results. These apps are effective when you follow the instructions regularly without fail. Follow up the notification by the app properly, for your betterment.