What Are the Differences Between a WiFi Booster, WiFi Extender, and WiFi Repeater?

WiFi Repeater is generally configured through a WiFi network wirelessly and re-broadcasts the signal. It can be acted as a relay system that will be connected only with the support of a WiFi network and rebroadcasts the signal to a larger area like a home/office (the place where you feel the poor connection or weak signal) WiFi repeaters are quite an easy setup & configuration due to which it can be kept anywhere at home, even in the absence of no wired network port. Hence, it is termed a network repeater to enhance the weak wireless signal strength.

WiFi Extender will effectively configure via a Wired network using the wired connection. Which can be connected either using the Ethernet or coaxial cable to connect to the router. At present, when it comes to WiFi Extenders, it doesn’t require these. Simply, it helps to extend the home/office network to get more coverage. Once you have been connected, then we effectively move as per the needs to get a better WiFi signal. Wi-Fi Extender improves the range of existing WiFi and generates a sturdier signal in poor coverage areas.

WiFi Repeater WiFi Extender
WiFi Repeater re-broadcasts only the signal which has been weaker signal areas ie., existing signal strength shows a weak sign. WiFi Extender covers the range of existing network coverage area and produces a superior network coverage area.
This is referred to as a WiFi Signal Repeater. It is also stated Wifi Range Extender.
It helps to improve the signal of WiFi strength of the current network in the weaker signal areas in the absence of wired port support. It uses a wired connection port to connect with the existing network for extending the range of your WiFi.
WiFi repeater is added profitably when compared to WiFi extender. A WiFi extender is completely not cost-effective as a WiFi repeater.
Setup and configuration of WiFi Repeater is effectively user-friendly when compared to WiFi Extender. Setup and configuration of Wifi Extender is not much supportive when compare with WiFi Repeater.
Using the WiFi repeater the Bandwidth might not hold up to its full potential as the devices are configured wirelessly. Utilizing this WiFi extender the Bandwidth, can support full potential as the device is configured via wired connection.
WiFi repeaters are not expected to be more expensive than WiFi extenders. WiFi extenders are quite expensive when compared with WiFi repeaters.
We have to utilize the WiFi repeater when you require a strong and reliable connection from the router. This can be done if the router and repeater distance is short and no obstacle comes in between them. Make use of the WiFi extender when we require a strong and reliable connection from the router.
It Consists of Thick walls and electronic devices that interfere with the signal. Thick walls won’t affect the signal.

What is a WiFi Booster?

WiFi Boosters or internet boosters expand your WiFi system’s coverage area, in order to enhance or amplify the wireless signal and broadcast reference to the desired areas. Due to this, you no longer have to suffer from poor WiFi in your home or business.

You even have various WiFi booster models which are available in the market. These may vary depending on their design, range, amplification power, and frequency band usage.

  • Wall Plug or Desktop Design: Here, you have two different types of booster styles supported, which can be easily plug-in into a power source to improve the network.
  • Range: Most routers hold-up a range of 150-300 feet. If at all, any devices found to be outside of the range, may suffer from some connectivity issues. In reference to this WiFi booster model, on average you have the option to increase the range by 300-2,000+ sq ft.
  • Frequency Bands: Generally, it has two types of WiFi signal boosters – single-band and dual-band. Single-band boosters only use one frequency band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) to transmit data. Eventually, on the other hand- it has dual-band WiFi boosters that use both GHz frequencies to transmit data; one band solely connects with the router, and the other band interfaces with the wireless devices.

Do WiFi Boosters Only Work with Wireless Devices?

No, WiFi boosters can be accessed with the support of wireless and wired devices. In which, the majority of boosters will have at least one ethernet port that can be utilized for your purposes like printers, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Hence, you may feel slight variations in setup. Instead of connecting to the usual wireless connection among the devices to the booster, you can try out ethernet or gigabit ethernet cables to connect the desired device to the booster.