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MediaTek is a global fabless semiconductor company that ranks as the fourth-largest in the world. It powers over two billion devices annually, offering advanced technology solutions and a wide range of multimedia products such as smartphones, smart TVs, Chromebooks, IoT, smart home connectivity, and voice assistant devices.

The company’s MediaTek Genio enables manufacturers of consumer, industrial, and enterprise devices to innovate confidently and launch cutting-edge devices faster with its IoT chipsets. MediaTek Genio is particularly well-suited for smart fitness equipment, AI audio speakers, June ovens, robotics, and smart enterprise devices. In addition, MediaTek is committed to helping people expand their horizons and achieve their goals through smarter technologies.

MediaTek has launched its latest Genio platform for AIoT devices and the Genio 1200 chipset designed for high-end AIoT products.

The Genio platform offers a comprehensive stack with powerful and highly efficient chipsets, open platform software development kits (SDKs), and a developer portal with extensive resources and tools.

With this all-in-one platform, brands can easily create innovative smart applications for consumers, enterprises, and industries at various levels, including premium, mid-range, and entry-level. In addition, the Genio platform enables faster device development and market launch for such applications.

MediaTek Genio provides customers with a comprehensive solution to transform their ideas into reality, covering everything from concept to design and manufacturing. Customers can choose from various Genio chips that cater to their product requirements and then employ MediaTek’s developer resources and the Yocto Linux open platform SDK to tailor their designs.

Furthermore, MediaTek facilitates customers’ access to its partners’ system hardware and software, as well as their networks and sales channels. By offering a user-friendly, integrated platform, MediaTek Genio lowers development costs, accelerates time to market, and offers long-term support for operating system updates and security patches that help prolong product life cycles.

Open Platform AIoT SDK

The Genio open platform AIoT SDK empowers designers to personalize multiple products using the same software pack compatible with Yocto Linux. By simplifying the writing and coding of each software application layer, customers can create their products with minimal assistance, regardless of the application type.

Developer Resources and Partner Ecosystem

By offering a vast selection of developer tools and granting access to partner system hardware and software, MediaTek’s Genio developer portal enables customers to streamline the design of their AIoT products.

Brands can also leverage partners’ networks and sales channels using this portal, allowing them to accelerate their time-to-market. With its comprehensive set of development tools and partner support, MediaTek makes it effortless for brands of all sizes to bring innovative IoT products to market quickly and efficiently.

High-Performance Chipsets

MediaTek’s Genio chipsets provide a powerful, energy-efficient solution that optimizes user experience even for the most demanding AI applications. The multicore CPU, GPU and AI Processing Unit (APU) collaborate to enhance autonomous capabilities and support high-quality displays and cameras at the edge. In addition, the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols are also supported in each chipset, ensuring seamless connectivity.

To cater to various market and application needs, the Genio series offers a range of system-on-chips (SoCs) and modules, including premium, mid-tier, and entry-level options. This versatility empowers brands to select the right chip for their product and create innovative AIoT solutions that meet the requirements of consumers, enterprises, and industrial applications.

  • MediaTek Genio 130 Family
  • MediaTek Genio 350
  • MediaTek Genio 500
  • MediaTek Genio 700
  • MediaTek Genio 1200

MediaTek Genio 130 Family

Genio 130 for thin-OS and cloud-supported voice assistant devices that require an audio and microphone-orientated platform.

The MediaTek Genio 130 (MT7933/MT7931) is a powerful single-chip System-on-Chip (SoC) that integrates the Arm Cortex-M33 MCU, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity subsystems, power management unit (PMU), and optional audio DSP.

With this integration, the chip provides the latest connectivity standards, reliable connectivity, and high data while maximizing power efficiency in a small and low-power form factor. The optional audio DSP makes the chip ideal for product developers creating voice-enabled IoT devices, offering them an all-in-one solution for their needs.

MediaTek Genio 350

Genio 350 for hubs in portable and home environments that require lighter vision and voice edge processing.

The MediaTek Genio 350 is an integrated IoT platform featuring a quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU, VP6 DSP, Mali-G52 GPU, and HiFi-4 DSP. This mainstream platform is designed for Edge AI applications that require voice and vision processing, making it an ideal solution for portable, home, or commercial IoT products.

In addition, the Genio 350 provides an APU and DSP, which enable device makers to develop competitive products that can handle complex voice and vision processing tasks.

MediaTek Genio 500

Genio 500 for retail and commercial IoT applications that require high-performance edge processing and advanced multimedia capabilities.

The MediaTek Genio 500 is a high-performance and energy-efficient IoT platform with four Arm Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A53 CPUs, a VP6 dual-core APU, and a Mali-G52 GPU. The platform is suitable for portable, home, or commercial IoT applications that require advanced multimedia capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, connected touchscreen displays, and multitasking operating systems.

The Genio 500 offers a powerful solution for complex IoT tasks while maintaining energy efficiency and enabling the development of competitive products.

MediaTek Genio 700

Genio 700 The high-performance edge-AI IoT platform is ideal for various applications such as smart homes, interactive retail, industrial, and commercial applications. It offers highly responsive edge processing, advanced multimedia, multitasking OS, and other features to meet the needs of various IoT devices.

Designed for fanless enclosure designs and off-grid power solutions, this platform is perfect for creating IoT products that require low power consumption. The platform is suitable for various applications, including digital signage and desktop POS for smart retail, edge AI, IoT gateway, HMI for industrial use, and fitness and smart home appliances for smart homes.

MediaTek Genio 1200

Genio 1200 is designed to cater to the demands of advanced smart home appliances, industrial IoT applications, and other AI-embedded devices. It boasts an octa-core CPU, five-core graphics, a dual-core AI processor, and advanced multimedia engines, making it a highly capable processor. The Genio 1200 can handle ultra-high-definition display and camera inputs from various computer vision applications.

In addition, the new Genio 1200 combines best-in-class performance with support for the latest multimedia standards and 4K displays, all while maintaining exceptional power efficiency in a 6nm-class chip. Furthermore, this platform supports various high-speed interfaces, including PCI-Express, USB 3.1, and GbE MAC. It also supports MediaTek Wi-Fi 6E and sub-6 5G modules, ensuring it can meet a wide range of connectivity needs.

The G1200 is a powerful chip in MediaTek’s Genio 1200 family. It boasts eight Arm Cortex-A cores, five GPU cores, a HiFi 4 audio DSP, and a deep-learning accelerator (DLA). The CPU clocks at 2.2GHz, with the GPU cluster running at 800MHz. The DLA can deliver 4.8 trillion operations per second (TOPS). In addition, the chip has a TDP under 8W, making it an ideal solution for line-powered high-end IoT devices. The production units are expected to ship in 2H22.

DLAs are essential components of IoT processors and video, audio, and display engines. The Genio 1200 targets vision-based AI workloads for edge devices. It can be used in retail kiosks, industrial monitoring, smart parking, and security cameras, among other applications.

Initially, MediaTek focused on smartphone processors. However, as non-phone applications for similar parts emerged, the company disabled irrelevant blocks to create IoT products. This approach allowed the company to create a reduced-size mask set for the chips that achieve suitable volumes.

The result has been a range of products that address IoT applications, offering low to moderate processing for line-powered and battery-powered edge devices. The largest models have a small DLA.

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MediaTek Genio is a series of powerful and efficient IoT platforms designed for various applications, including smart homes and industrial, commercial, and retail applications. These platforms offer advanced features such as edge processing, AI capabilities, high-resolution cameras, multimedia support, and multitasking operating systems, making them suitable for various IoT devices.

In addition, focusing on maximizing power efficiency in the smallest and lowest-power form factor, MediaTek Genio offers an ideal solution for creating products with fanless enclosure designs and off-grid power solutions. Overall, MediaTek Genio provides developers with the tools they need to create innovative and competitive IoT devices for the future.