Discover Which Motorola Phones Are Set to Receive Android 14 Updates

Motorola, a prominent player in the Android smartphone market, often faces scrutiny for its inconsistent approach to Android updates. With the advent of Android 14, users are eager to know which Motorola devices will receive this latest OS version.

Motorola enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of Android 14 on their devices. However, accessing a definitive list of supported devices proves challenging. Unlike some manufacturers who offer clear roadmaps, Motorola’s approach requires users to navigate through device-specific pages to ascertain update eligibility.

We break down the promised Android 14 updates for a variety of Motorola phones, shedding light on the company’s update policy.

#1 Motorola Defy 2: A Promise of Android 13 and Android 14

Motorola has committed to delivering Android 13 and Android 14 updates for the Defy 2. However, the absence of release timelines leaves users eager for more details about when these updates will grace their devices.

#2 Motorola Edge (2022): Android 14 on the Horizon

Initially launched with Android 12, the Motorola Edge (2022) has already been updated to Android
13. Motorola promises an Android 14 update, keeping users on the lookout for the latest features and improvements.

#3 Motorola Edge 30 Series: A Spectrum of Updates

Motorola Edge 30: Set to receive Android 14, but the post-update support remains uncertain.
Edge 30 Fusion: Launched with Android 12, updated to Android 13, and a promised Android 14 update.
Edge 30 Neo: Similar to the Edge 30, Android 14 is on the horizon, but post-update support details are awaited.

Edge 30 Pro: Promised Android 14, but users may only receive security patches post-update.

#4 Motorola Edge 30 Ultra & Edge 40 Series: A Promise for the Future

Edge 30 Ultra, Edge 40, Edge 40 Neo: Motorola commits to Android 14 and Android 15 updates, with uncertainties regarding extended support.

#5 Motorola Edge Plus 2023 & Lenovo ThinkPhone: Future-Ready Updates

Edge Plus 2023: Promised Android 14 and Android 15 updates, with potential for additional releases.
Lenovo ThinkPhone: A promise of Android 14, 15, and 16 updates, albeit with potential variations in Motorola’s commitment.

#6 Moto G Series: A Varied Landscape of Updates

  • Moto G Stylus 5G (2023): A commitment to Android 14, leaving room for potential updates.
  • Moto G13: Stuck on Android 13 with a promised Android 14 update, but post-update support is unclear.
  • Moto G14: A commitment to Android 14, signaling a potential endpoint for major updates.
  • Moto G23: Promised Android 14, but future updates remain uncertain.
  • Moto G53: Launched with Android 13, quickly updated to Android 14 in January 2024.
  • Moto G54: A beta build of Android 14 is in testing through Motorola’s Feedback Network.
  • Moto G73: Promised Android 14 and Android 15 updates, with uncertainties regarding extended support.
  • Moto G84: Stuck on Android 13, a commitment to Android 14 and 15 updates is in place.
  • Moto G04 – Budget Friendly Phone comes with Android 14

#7 Moto X40, Razr Series: Anticipating Android 14

Moto X40: Stuck on Android 13, a promise for Android 14 and 15 updates is on the horizon.
Razr 40, Razr 40 Ultra: Locked on Android 13, awaiting promised Android 14 and 15 updates.

Motorola’s Update Policy

The updated policy garnered mixed reactions from users and industry observers. While some appreciate the clarity provided by the company, others criticize the lack of consistency and transparency in updating delivery timelines.

Optimism and Expectations

Despite past shortcomings, recent developments indicate progress in Motorola’s Android update endeavors. With devices like the Moto G53 already receiving Android 14 updates and others undergoing beta testing, the outlook appears promising for users awaiting the latest OS iteration.

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Post-Android 14 updates, devices might receive security patches, but the availability of new major Android versions is uncertain. However, the likelihood of further major Android version updates remains uncertain, highlighting the importance of future-proofing device choices.

While the current list provides insight into Motorola's plans, it's not exhaustive. The absence of a device doesn't necessarily imply exclusion from the Android 14 update launch list. Release timelines are absent in the current information. Users are advised to stay tuned to official channels for announcements.

Bottom Up

Users are encouraged to follow official channels for the latest information on their device’s Android 14 journey. In essence, as users await the arrival of Android 14 on their Motorola devices, they navigate a journey characterized by patience, vigilance, and the hope for a seamless update experience. While promises of Android 14 updates abound, users are reminded of the fluid nature of these commitments. The blog serves as a roadmap, guiding Motorola users through the anticipated journey towards Android 14 while acknowledging the uncertainties inherent in the update landscape.