Itel Set to Unveil Three New Power Series Smartphones in India: A Sneak Peek into Upgraded Features and Technology

Itel, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, is gearing up for a significant launch in February, introducing three new smartphones under its Power series in India. This highly anticipated release promises upgraded features and cutting-edge technology. In this blog, we will delve into key highlights and features of these upcoming devices, shedding light on the latest advancements in Itel’s Power series.

Launch of Itel

Itel has officially confirmed the launch of three new Power series models in February. While the company has been tight-lipped about the specific names, intriguing details about the features have surfaced. The first model debuted with Android 14 (Go Edition), marking the first global smartphone. This version is tailored for budget-friendly devices, ensuring a smooth user experience even on entry-level phones.

Itel’s Power series has garnered widespread acclaim for delivering reliable performance, impressive battery life, and compelling features at affordable prices. Building on the success of its predecessors, the upcoming models promise to raise the bar even higher, offering users a compelling blend of functionality, style, and value.

Amazon Exclusive Launch

Wisely, Itel has chosen Amazon as the exclusive platform for the launch of these Power series smartphones in India. The strategic partnership with the e-commerce giant ensures widespread availability and accessibility for consumers. The ‘Power Play’ caption accompanying the teaser images emphasizes the company’s intent to make a significant impact in the market.

Ultra-Fast Charging

The second model in the Power series promises a game-changer in battery technology. Itel has teased that this smartphone will support ultra-fast charging capacity, revolutionizing the way users replenish power on their devices. As the industry moves towards faster and more efficient charging solutions, Itel aims to stay ahead of the curve with this cutting-edge feature.

Memory Feature

Adding to the excitement, the third model is expected to bring an exclusive memory feature, touted as the first of its kind in India. While details are scant, this unique offering suggests a focus on optimizing user experience through enhanced memory capabilities. Itel’s commitment to innovation and addressing user needs is evident in this intriguing addition to the upcoming Power series.

Design Teasers

Itel has offered a sneak peek into the design aesthetics of the new Power series smartphones through teaser images. The front panel showcases a centered hole-punch slot at the top of the display, complemented by a Dynamic Bar providing charging details. This feature appears to be a nod to convenience, akin to Apple’s Dynamic Island, streamlining notifications and alerts for users.

The back panel, as revealed in another teaser image, boasts a dual rear camera system arranged in circular units, accompanied by an LED flash. The placement of the volume rocker and power buttons on the right edge adds to the ergonomic design. These glimpses into the device’s design hint at a harmonious blend of functionality and style.

Speculations and Expectations

While Itel has not disclosed pricing details, industry insiders anticipate that these new smartphones will fall within the budget category. Considering the historical pricing of Itel’s Power series, these devices are expected to offer compelling features at an affordable price point.

Comparative Insight – itel Power P55 5G

To provide context, the last smartphone in Itel’s Power series, the Power P55 5G, was launched in September 2023. It featured a 6.6-inch HD+ IPS display with a 90Hz refresh rate, powered by the Media Tek Dimensity 6080 chipset. The device offered two variants: 4GB RAM with 64GB storage and 6GB RAM with 128GB storage. Camera capabilities included a 50 MP primary camera and AI camera at the back, with an 8MP front camera. The device was equipped with a 5,000mAh battery and 18W charging support, running on Android 13 out-of-the-box.


The first model is expected to debut with Android 14 (Go Edition), marking a global first for smartphones and catering to the budget-friendly segment. It is optimized for entry-level smartphones, ensuring smooth performance and efficient resource management. It prioritizes essential features and streamlined functionality.

Bottom Up

The upcoming Power series launch of Itel in India is poised to make waves in the smartphone market. With a global-first Android version, ultra-fast charging capabilities, and an exclusive memory feature, these devices are set to redefine user expectations. The design teasers and the Amazon-exclusive launch add to the anticipation. As February approaches, smartphone enthusiasts can look forward to a trio of feature-packed devices that promise to deliver a powerful user experience at an affordable price point.