Nintendo Switch 2: Rumors, Specs, and Release Date 2024

Anticipation is building as the seven-year mark since the Nintendo Switch’s launch approaches. While the Switch OLED has satisfied some, gamers worldwide eagerly await the second-gen Nintendo Switch. Recent reports from China and VGC suggest that the Switch 2 is in advanced stages of development, with leaked hardware specifications from Nash Weedle adding to the excitement. The official release date remains undisclosed, but signs point to a launch post-April 2024.

Considering Nintendo’s history, backward compatibility is likely for the Switch 2, with digital game copies expected to carry over. The fate of physical cartridges, however, remains uncertain. Analysts predict a potential price increase for Switch 2, comparing it to Valve’s Steam Deck. Rumors suggest a launch price between $349 to $449, with a potential OLED screen influencing the final pricing decision.

Release Date

The release date speculation gained traction at CES 2024, coinciding with a leaked Gameshark AI software launch. The expected release date is September 2024, with development kits already in the hands of game developers. However, insiders caution that the leaked date is speculative, emphasizing the need for an official announcement from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch 2 Pricing

Nintendo has historically maintained relatively affordable console prices. Expectations for Switch 2 pricing range from $349 to $449, with rumors of two variants—one digital-only and another supporting physical cartridges.

Specifications & Next-Gen Experiences

Reports hint at Switch 2 featuring a new Nvidia-based processor, potentially the T239 chip, with improved performance and efficiency. The inclusion of Nvidia DLSS for upscaling and backward compatibility testing adds to the anticipated enhancements. The capability to play Unreal Engine 5 titles and a showcased Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with higher graphics quality suggest a significant leap in gaming experiences.

Upgraded storage is expected due to increased game sizes, possibly with expandable storage support. Battery improvements, however, remain unclear.

screenshot from nintendo official website


A vibrant OLED display is a coveted feature for Switch 2, akin to the high-end OLED version of the current Switch. Possibilities include a 120Hz refresh rate, a brighter display, and an upgrade to 900p/1080p resolution. However, conflicting reports suggest Nintendo might opt for a high-quality LCD panel instead of OLED.

Design & Evolved Features

With the original Switch’s aging design, Switch 2 is expected to feature a new design, possibly addressing Joy-Con stick-drift issues. Leaks suggest a modular design similar to the original, offering versatility in docked, TV, and handheld modes. The new console will allow users to sign in with the same Nintendo account, ensuring a smooth transition for existing users.

Future of Handheld Gaming

As the Nintendo Switch 2 prepares to make its debut, it heralds a new chapter in the landscape of handheld gaming. Beyond its technical specifications, the console represents a gateway to immersive experiences and shared moments, positioning itself not merely as a gaming device but as an all-encompassing entertainment system.


Switch 2 is rumored to feature a new Nvidia-based processor, DLSS for upscaling, and the capability to play Unreal Engine 5 titles, indicating a significant leap in graphics and performance. Beyond its technical prowess, the Nintendo Switch 2 symbolizes a convergence of gaming and entertainment, offering a diverse array of experiences for players of all ages.

Bottom Up

Nintendo Switch 2 stands poised to captivate the gaming world with its blend of innovation, performance, and versatility. As the countdown to its release continues, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the Nintendo family. Stay tuned for updates as we journey towards the dawn of a new era in gaming excellence.