What’s a Hybrid Dual SIM Slot? – Explained

Hybrid dual SIM slots can be quite familiar with the smartphone technology which is being utilized by various mobile makers globally in the new flagship smartphones.

Why is the name given Hybrid?

Hybrid is due to which you can use both a SIM or a microSD card.

Hope, now you are more curious to know in-depth about the hybrid sim slot- Isn’t it? and you may have doubts about how it will be useful to fulfill your personal needs.

When it comes to hybrid dual sim slots, it is clearly known that instead of providing 3 separate slots (2 for SIM’s and 1 for Memory Card), the phone makers tend to give only 2 slots.

In accordance with these 2 slots, 1 slot is been utilized by SIM while the 2nd slot can be occupied either by using the SIM or SD Card. To be in short, as a user, you have two options as per your needs if you prefer a second slot.

Furthermore, the second user has taken a wise decision, either to move with the SIM or opt for a memory card. So, the decision is entirely dependent on the users. Let us get in deep to know more about the usage of slots as per the conditions

One SIM + One SIM

If at all you wish to use the device as a dual SIM device, then utilize the second slot as SIM. Gently, insert the micro SIM in the second slot. Now, your phone will be preserved as a dual SIM phone.

One SIM + One microSD

If you have decided, not to use the device as a dual SIM, then you have the open option to use the second slot as a microSD card. Again, gently- insert the microSD card in the second slot and later your phone memory will be improved and now you can get your phone rated as a single SIM.

Finally, make a choice on how the phone is supposed to handle- either with the device to be a dual SIM device or enough storage. Any of the choices are easiest and can be implemented in a few seconds.

What is the strategy behind the hybrid SIM slot?

As we know, there will be some strategy behind the launch of the hybrid Sim slot- Whereas, this is to cut the extra space. This is required for keeping the traditional sim slot into the smartphone, which later supports in enhancing the smartphone design sleeker.

Hence, this strategy sustains and hold-up the overall phone’s weightless and you will be receiving the slim trim mobile that identifies the premium feel in your hand.

Why do OEMs implement hybrid dual SIM slots?

Smartphone manufacturers majorly use the technology for a couple of reasons. When it comes to phones, it helps to generate internal storage variants for users to pick from. Hence, this will be the major reason why some flagship smartphones consist of two, three, and sometimes four internal storage support.

Additionally, it even helps to reduce costs as they don’t have to make extra space for a MicroSD slot. On the other hand, it supports the manufacturers to minimize the weight of the phone, which gives the best phone’s portability.

Smartphones with hybrid dual SIM slot

Generally, letting you know the topic is not fine without any living examples. Likewise, you need to know more about the smartphones that sport the hybrid dual SIM slot:

In accordance with the prior discussion, you might be running out of a shortage on a majority of the phones. At the same stretch- great full stop that limits your worries about extra memory. If this is a case regarding the memory card option- doesn’t really come into play. Meanwhile, hybrid dual SIM slots are visualized as the future of the SIM & MicroSD slot feature of the smartphone industry.


This hybrid SIM slot adapter permits you to insert your micro-SD card and up to 2 SIM cards instantaneously. Here, both SIM cards can work simultaneously. You need to note that the adapter is for Nano SIM cards only.

Utilize the nail file and try to flatten your micro-SD card that way, reject the possibility of your SD card and get into the stock inside the phone even with an added layer of sim card chip. Note: DO NOT file or touch the other (chip) side of the micro SD, as it can damage the SD card storage.