What Is A Smartphone Periscope Camera? | Features

what is a smartphone periscope camera

Periscope camera is a type of camera technology that utilizes a prism and multiple lenses to allow for an extended focal length, ending up in a high optical zoom without compromising on the quality of the image. The technology was first introduced in 2017 by Huawei in its P20 Pro smartphone and has since been … Read more

How to Check a Phone’s Camera Quality

How to Check a Phone’s Camera Quality

What makes you look for a good Camera quality? Certain things to be known regarding how to check a Phone’s camera quality. Let us move on with this blog to know such details in one place. Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years, and for many people, they have become the primary … Read more

Motorola Owner, Headquarters, Net Worth And History

motorola owner, headquarters net worth and history

Motorola, officially registered as Motorola, Inc., is an American Telecommunications company. It originated on September 25, 1928, by Paul Galvin in Schaumburg, Illinois, United States. The Motorola Company manufactures several categories of products, including Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, and, Many so on. The company Headquarters are situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Net worth and Headquarters … Read more

Sony Owner, Headquarters, Net Worth And History

sony owner, headquarters net worth and history

Sony Group Corporation is generally termed as Sony. It is a Japanese corporation that is one of the World’s largest & leading professional & consumer electronics manufacturers, recorded to be the largest video game console company and then the largest video game publisher. In accordance with the year 2020, Sony is the third-largest television manufacturer … Read more

LG Owner, Headquarters, Net Worth And History

lg owner, headquarters, net worth and history

Intro: You may be curious to know in-depth about your impressive brand LG. Yes, here in this blog – we have sufficient details regarding LG. Koo In-Hwoii and Koo Bon-Moo from South Korea- are the founders of this company in 1947. After that, LG operations are assisted worldwide. Eventually, it’s the holding and public type … Read more

What are Phone Screen Dimensions? – Explained

phone screen dimensions

According to the current era, many devices through which people can pick. Though, when designing websites and mobile devices, it is highly important to be aware of some effective phone screen dimensions and resolutions. Hence, it can fulfill the design of your viewer’s screen. An enhanced, approachable website gives you easy space to use, and … Read more

How to Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength? – Explained

wifi signal strength

What is Wi-Fi Signal Strength? Wi-Fi signal strength controls whether the desired internet connection is consistent or not. The more the signal strength is, the more reliable your connection might work. Using this way, the Wi-Fi signal strength can be easily measured and characterized differently like how to measure Wi-Fi speed. Though, both speed and … Read more

What Are the Differences Between a WiFi Booster, WiFi Extender, and WiFi Repeater?

What Are the Differences Between a WiFi Booster, WiFi Extender, and WiFi Repeater?

WiFi Repeater is generally configured through a WiFi network wirelessly and re-broadcasts the signal. It can be acted as a relay system that will be connected only with the support of a WiFi network and rebroadcasts the signal to a larger area like a home/office (the place where you feel the poor connection or weak … Read more